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7 WordPress Trends To Know Before 2023

WordPress, which currently runs 43% of all websites, is undoubtedly the most well-liked content management system. WordPress’s popularity is due to its adaptability and simplicity in creating various websites. You can stay on top of the market competition by following the latest WordPress trends.

As the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress continues to hold a commanding position. As its use cases grow, larger enterprises seeking to reduce web expenses and accomplish more with less are discovering fresh appeal in WordPress. That’s because it is an open-source tool, indicating that there are no up-front license costs for utilizing its core software, and it’s supported by a sizable community of global contributors who fend off bugs and security flaws.

WordPress is a top contender for businesses looking to replace pricey and complicated content management systems because of its outstanding flexibility and simplicity of integration with other platforms.

7 WordPress Trends You Should Know

Since most websites created on this platform have a similar look and feel, as you might anticipate, site owners frequently adopt different styles to distinguish their material. These practices constantly change as websites roll out new features and personalized options. Let’s look at the WordPress trends predicted to take off in 2023 and discuss why they are wise choices.

What's Trending in 2023

This initial trend in WordPress is significant, and you’ve undoubtedly heard about it everywhere. But there’s good cause for that.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the advanced technology that changed how we perform daily tasks. Every day, experts are introducing a new way to develop and use AI yielding enormous results. For instance, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are byproducts of AI infiltrating in gaming, medical, and marketing industries.

Today, 77% of businesses are using AI technology in one way or another to streamline their tasks. Most of these businesses use AI tools to enhance their websites’ functionality and offer an incredible experience to their users.

Compared to websites with chatbots, those without them lose a lot of money. By responding to client inquiries more quickly than ever before, chatbots are intended to enhance the user experience. Chatbots can instantly assist clients instead of waiting hours (or even days) for an actual representative.

Chatbots help users locate the information they require and give your consumers the assistance they require around the clock. Chatbots come in a wide variety of forms that you can use. Some are created utilizing online chatbot builders, while others are created as WordPress plug-ins.

A user can create any type or style of website with all the functionality required for a website or a business using a versatile theme. Multipurpose themes take pride in supporting a variety of website kinds. And that’s the primary cause of the growing user and developer interest in multipurpose themes.

Modern, fully-customizable multipurpose themes with an excellent plug-in bundle are available. It provides the best of everything according to the need.

Multipurpose themes stand out for offering practical functionality for a variety of websites. We expect a noticeable increase in the popularity of multipurpose themes in WordPress trends in 2023 because most businesses are now considering using WordPress to build their websites.

One-click option is one of the most fantastic tools for WordPress newcomers. With just one click, you can use this functionality to import a theme’s demo data that is currently available.

You can import all types of material from the WordPress demo content with only one click, including data from plug-ins, customizers, and settings. Here are some features you can add to the one-click import option:

  • Used plug-ins, customizer settings, front page, and widgets
  • All custom post-type content, images, pages, and posts
  • All custom fields, comments, categories tags, and menus

By importing the theme’s demo content, you will have the most straightforward choice for customizing the theme. As a result, you can quickly develop a beautiful website. Several WordPress plug-ins may be used to quickly and easily import the theme’s sample material.

If you believe that traditional colors need to look more modern, try experimenting with 3D colors to help your website stand out from the competition. WordPress provides a variety of 3D effects with color schemes that can increase traffic and revenue.

Regarding online marketing, something as straightforward as seamless color shading combined with an attractive logo design can go a long way. Your website will appear more engaging thanks to these 3D effects, which will engage more users and lengthen their typical surfing session.

Voice search has been around for a while, but it has only just started to gain popularity as a feature on many eCommerce websites. Voice search is fast replacing typing as the preferred method of website navigation because most website visitors use smartphones. Make your website voice search-friendly if you want it to serve the needs of today’s web users.

Additionally, voice-activated gadgets like the Apple HomePod, Google Home, and Alexa are entering millions of households worldwide. When creating a website with WordPress, you must consider these new technologies.

WordPress debuted automatic plug-ins and theme updates a year ago, and while it is only for some, it is also gaining popularity. However, for some business owners, this functionality can keep their websites operating flawlessly.

Many websites need help to stay up to date, especially those that use numerous plug-ins. The plug-ins may become inoperable until all features have been updated when a theme update interacts with them.

Updates are necessary to keep a website secure as well, though. For owners of straightforward websites struggling to keep up with maintaining plug-ins and other capabilities, the automatic update function is the ideal option. It’s crucial to understand that some changes may break your plug-ins, and thus it’s a good idea to back up your site and only perform updates on a staging server or have a professional update your core, themes, and plugins. When updating, remember that you may also update your PHP.

We may anticipate more WordPress themes that adhere to best practices for accessibility in 2023 and plug-ins that will make websites compatible with these standards. Many agile businesses will follow these seven WordPress trends in 2023. You might know some of these trends, while others might be unfamiliar to you and other website owners. Also, you can consult a professional to keep your WordPress website up to date.


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