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Terms and Conditions

Payment, Fees, & Refunds Policy
Full payment is required before services are rendered, such as seo, website maintenance, domain, and hosting, which also includes renewals. For all new custom website development or other custom development, a 50% deposit is required. Billing will continue until you cancel your hosting account. You may cancel at anytime with a 30 days written notice. Invoices are sent by e-mail, unless otherwise requested.

If payment is more than 15 days past due, a $15.00 late charge will may be applied to your invoice. The Just Design Group reserves the right to remove any web services from viewing on the Internet, to include email access, if payments are not made. If web services are suspended, a $100.00 re-activation fee will be applied to any outstanding balance before services are restored. In case collection proves necessary, the Client agrees to pay all fees (including all attorney’s fees and court costs) incurred by that process.

As a policy, we do not offer credits or refunds for hosting time already expended.

This only applies to cancellation by the client. If cancellation is done by The Just Design Group due to restrictions violation, there will be no refund. The Just Design Group will only allow for the discount if cancellation is not the fault of the client, as determined by The Just Design Group. All monetary transactions are in $US dollars. Additional features can be added at any time. Monthly feature prices are not prorated. The Just Design Group reserves the right to change prices at any time.

You may cancel at anytime with a 30 day written notice. To cancel your account, please submit a request to us using our “Contact Us” form at least 30 days prior to the date that services are to be terminated. We may send you an email to confirm that you wish to cancel.

Updated: 12.22

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