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Why Professional Web Design?

Do you really need a professional website design? It’s a good question. After all, with tools and services available today that can be used to do it yourself, why hire a professional? It is an even more important question if you or someone you know has been burned by someone who “knows how to build websites”, or, even worse, by some unscrupulous website company that steals your domain and uses their ownership of your online identity to hold you hostage.

So why not just build it yourself? At least you are dealing with someone you can trust, right?

Marketing Objectives

Working with a professional should involve much more than simply designing your website and making it visible online. The process should begin with a discussion and mutual understanding of your overall marketing objectives. From the outset, details such as who makes up your target market, company image and branding, how you want to be found, what you want to offer online, what “conversions” mean for your company, who you are competing with, how to reach your targeted prospective customers BEFORE your competition, and what your first impression to that target audience should be must be considered in order for your website to be most effective.


A professional web design company helps you to create your integrated marketing plan, and to clearly understand where your website fits into it. Your website should be the public face of your marketing plan, while also integrating seamlessly with search engine optimization and providing data for analytics on the back end. Having a partner in your corner to ensure that you get what you need for governance of your marketing plan, launching, running, and evaluating campaigns, maintaining continuity with your branding across all platforms, and proactively addressing issues to ensure that your site is up and running provides significant value that you cannot achieve through doityourself platforms.


The building and deploying of your website is a carefully orchestrated on a larger journey where many factors must be considered and aligned. Your website must be responsive so that it displays and functions well on all platforms and viewing contexts. Your website must climb the search engine listings to consistently rank high for your line of business. In 2021, Google implemented 3 core updates to their search algorithm, along with several spam and local updates. Building, populating, and maintaining a site that plays nicely with Google and other search engines requires diligence, awareness, and expertise to adjust with the changes that search engine providers make. When it comes down to deciding whether you are going to invest time into running your business or take the time necessary to ensure that your site remains high on the search results list, there really is no question.


From the seeds of brainstorming creative ideas for the initial look and feel all the way through to analyzing data from the latest campaign, your website is at the center of it all. Since 2006, The Just Design Group has been partners to our customers through it all. We have the experience, skills, and real people who answer when you call to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We are always competitively priced and will always go the extra mile, because we want you to think of us as your business partner too!

Quality over quantity is always the best value to run your business with but the truth is that everyone starts somewhere. Simply having a website is a huge step toward an effective digital strategy and toward new leads. A lot more steps follow that first one but that is what The Just Design Group is here for. We make the process simple and are here for every step.

Looking for professional web design services that will wow your current customer base and bring new leads and revenue. Don’t pass up a chance a great website! Give us a call.



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Benefits of Online Directories...

Increased Visibility and Reach

  • Listing directories enhance online presence and help businesses reach a wider audience while also boosting their local search. This is especially beneficial for local businesses looking to attract customers in their area.

SEO Benefits

  • Listing a business in reputable directories can improve its search engine ranking. Directories with high domain authority can boost a business’s website ranking by providing backlinks.

Credibility and Trust

  • Listing a business in well-known directories can enhance its credibility and trustworthiness. Customers often perceive businesses listed in established directories as more reliable.

Targeted Advertising

  • Directories often allow businesses to list in specific categories, helping them reach a more targeted audience. This can lead to higher conversion rates compared to general advertising.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Many directories allow customers to leave reviews and ratings. Positive reviews can attract more customers and improve a business’s reputation.

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